Goals for 2019

After launching Slow Money in Virginia midway through 2018, we are eager to make an impact in 2019. These are some of our goals:

1) To triple the size of our revolving loan fund (SOIL) from our initial fundraising efforts in 2018.

2) To make about 5-7 loans at 0% interest to farmers who are in need of capital and traditionally marginalized from the financial system.

3) To demonstrate, through our revolving loan fund, our support of local, sustainable, organic and biological agriculture in Virginia.

4) To support the financial needs of farmers of color and female farmers in particular.

5) To support the efforts of other organizations around the state devoted to local food, particularly those in urban areas working hard to address issues of food access, food insecurity, and food apartheid.

6) To explore additional opportunities to support the financial needs of local, sustainable farms in Virginia, both beyond the geographic region of Central Virginia and beyond the scope of our 0% revolving loan fund. (Midway through 2019 we have already begun to spread our wings geographically with a separate SOIL fund in Tidewater, and progress being made in other parts of the state.)


Meanwhile, we continue to pursue these long-term goals in the Commonwealth of Virginia by breaking down the financial barriers that exist in the organic food and farming industry:

  1. Grow acres of organic agriculture under cultivation

  2. Increase employment on farms practicing organic agriculture

  3. Catalyze new organic farms

  4. Improve access to land for young farmers, including farmers of color

  5. Enable organic farmers to relinquish off-farm income to support themselves and their families