Virginia Farm To Table Conference

December 2018

Slow Money Central Virginia Co-Founder Michael Reilly serves on a panel called “Nourishing Local Communities” with Reverend Dr. Heber Brown from the Black Church Food Security Network in Baltimore, and Beth Schermerhorn with the Chesapeake Foodshed Network. Click here to download a conference program.

Virginia Impact Report

September 2018

Produced by the Virginia Impact Investing Forum, this report provides a snapshot of various efforts around the state to produce more sustainable, responsible, and impactful investment outcomes. It includes a great article on Slow Money Central Virginia. Click here for the full report. Finance Your Foodshed, by Hunter Hopcroft

June 6, 2018

Our food system’s successes and spectacular failures account for nearly one trillion dollars of US GDP, yet the media spotlight is usually reserved for the sexier tech and financial sectors. I hear regularly about growing populations, water shortages and rapidly changing international trade policies, and still, food and its ancillary industries seem to be taken as a given in the American economic schema…Read More

NPR: Filling In The Gap for Small Farmers

May 11, 2018

There’s no shortage of challenges to life as a farmer: long hours, unpredictable weather, small profit margins. But a new group in central Virginia wants to make sure access to capital isn’t one of those challenges…Read More And Listen

Richmond Mag: Giving a New Meaning to ‘Growth Fund’

April 26, 2018

From Autumn Olive Farms’ pork to Rudy’s Exotic Mushrooms, our menus and grocery store displays proudly point to local producers.But how do small, local producers continue to do what they do? Not the growing part — instead, the money part. Banks have no problem lending funds for land and building purchases, but getting capital for small projects isn’t quite so easy. Enter Hunter Hopcroft of Slow Money Central Virginia… Read More

Charlottesville Tomorrow: New Non-Profit Helps Local Farms With Their Financial Needs

April 19, 2018

Slow Money Central Virginia is embarking on a mission to support the financial needs of small sustainable farms and food entrepreneurs in the region surrounding Richmond and Charlottesville… Read More