Soil is the foundation of our existence on earth. Without it, we we'd perish.

It is also the name of our lending program to support small farms. 

SOIL stands for Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally.

Here's how it works:

  • Slow Money Central Virginia pools charitable contributions from citizens who want to make an impact on their local food system.
  • We then make 0% interest microloans to community farmers and local food entrepreneurs. 
  • Loan funds circulate. So when a loan is paid back, it goes back into our fund for future loans!
  • Loans are selected based on loanee's potential to make the greatest positive impact on our local food economy and a set of ethics established by a loan selection committee.
  • All loans are voted upon by those who donate to Slow Money Central Virginia with a minimum threshold of $50. (You can donate any amount of money to our organization but only contributions of $50 and over will be eligible to vote on loans.)
  • Loans are distributed at set times of the year, or at other times to be determined.